Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Scrapbooking

For the most part, I am an organized and practical person. I also consider myself to be a creative person. Every once in a while these two aspects of my personality conflict. This is the case in regards to scrapbooking in conjunction with blogging.

I update my blog regularly with pictures and the day to day events of our little family's life. And I greatly enjoy doing so. In my book, it is a good work, and it serves as an effective record for generations to come. Now that I've discovered my niche in the world of blogging, why continue to scrapbook? Why put in the hours and hours of time, the expensive materials, and all the effort when I have already basically documented the same thing on our blog? This conundrum has been bothering me for for the past year or so. I'm sure it's part of the reason why I don't scrapbook nearly as often as I used to. Why I continue to get farther and farther behind on our books, and why I more often choose to spend my free time online rather than with my Zig pen and deco scissors.

This year I made the resolution to scrapbook more. In order to make this goal real and measurable, I set a specific time each week aside for scrapbooking. Thursday afternoons, during my boys' naptime, is now cropping time for me. The past two Thursdays, I had every reason not to follow through. I was sick, the boys were sick, one boys didn't go down for his nap, the other woke up too early, the house was messy, and I had too many things on my to do list. I almost backed out of my commitment. However, I knew if I didn't follow through the first few times, I wouldn't at all. So I did it. I went against my practical, logical side, and made scrapbooking a priority. And I have to say, it felt great to let my creative juices flow; I enjoyed every minute of it. (If you'd like to see my work from the past Thursdays, as well as my future work to come, go here.)

So, to pacify my left brain, I have deduced a reason for me to continue scrapbooking. It's simple, but surely of value. I love it. I do it for me.


Adrienne said...

Love it. Hobbies make you feel WHOLE, and that is priceless. I am still looking for a good hobby but I know when I finish projects it's incredibly rewarding to say 'look! I did that!' Good for you!

Aubrie said...

Totally and completely jealous of your perfectly perfect, cute cute scrapbook pages! Adorable!

Aubrie said...
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