Wednesday, February 2, 2011

29, and Still Got it

We celebrated Greg's 29th birthday yesterday. He and I went out on a date to Texas Roadhouse and stuffed ourselves with their delicious ribs, bacon and cheese topped steak fries, and frozen peach lemonades. Yum!

I had bought his present back in December, originally as a Christmas present. However, when Greg found out how much I had spent on his Christmas gifts he instructed me to return some. I decided to keep the last gift I had purchased for him, a spiffy suit, to give to him on his birthday rather than return it. I just couldn't bare to let it go. It was so nice, a great deal (originally $300, I got it for $110), and he really needed it. So, needless to say, I've been extremely anxious to finally give it to him. He opened it, loved it, and then tried it on. Sadly, it was a little too small.

Okay, a lot too small. The hanger had read the size I had sought out - 48 long, yet the actual coat (which I did not check) was a 40 short. Big difference. I just about burst into tears. Since it has been so long since I had purchased it, as of yet, we have been unable to find the correct size in the same style and color. So it seems we will have to return the very nice, steal of a deal, highly needed suit and see what else we can get. Oh well, I tried.

A very happy birthday to my fabulous husband, and my boys' wonderful father Greg. Even though you are almost 30, *gasp* you still got it!


The King's said...

You guys are just babies. Alas, I remember 29.... That is so sad about the suit! I hope you can find one like it or something just as nice.

Rie Pie said...

I'm sorry, I know that this is about Greg, but Palmer is the cutest thing ever.