Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Cute Kid Talk

Here's some more silliness from the mouths of the babes at the Hess home.

  • While pointing to the mannequins in the ladies underwear section at Kohl's, exclaims, "Mom look, they're going swimming!"
  • "Poopy is a bad word. Pirates say it, not friends."
  • While watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, he said, "He is so, so, so sorry. I can love him now!" And as The Grinch and the Whos sat down for the feast, he said, "They're all sharing!"
  • While looking at tamarindos in the produce section at Winco, Palmer very loudly proclaimed for all around to hear, "There's poop in there!"
  • Palmer still refers to himself in the third person, often.
  • Palmer's primary teacher relayed to Greg that this past Sunday when she told the class that Heavenly Father has a body, Palmer raised his hand and said, "He has a body. I have a body. He has a pee pee. I have a pee pee. He has a bum. I have a bum." Then Palmer got very serious as he looked around at the class and said, "You're all girls. You don't have pee pees."


  • Calls chocolate kisses "temple candy" because they have a pointed top.
  • Says "me," "mine," "me too," and "me do it" more often than not.
  • Wants "two" of everything, or more but still asks for "two" even if the number is three or four or more.
  • Likes to hide, but we are never too worried about finding him because the entire time he is hidden he loudly proclaims, "Hideen!"
  • Calls his two favorite stuffed animals (a teddy bear and a hippo) as one name, "Teddy-Hippo" and his next favorite stuffed animal is a smaller teddy bear, which he has named "Baby Teddy."
  • Frequently uses the quip, "Palmer did it."