Monday, January 24, 2011

Conversation with Greg

Greg returned home from work commenting on how busy the day had been and how he had not even been able to eat his lunch. I pointed him towards the kitchen, telling him he would like what he saw in there. That particular morning, upon Palmer's request, I had purchased a dozen donuts from the grocery store bakery, an extremely rare treat in our home. Greg let out a joyful cheer and quickly loaded a plate with two donuts. About an hour later I called him into the kitchen for dinner. The following conversation ensued.

Greg: I think those donuts made me sick.
Me: Really? I felt fine after eating mine. Are you sure you're not sick because those donuts are the only thing you ate today?
Greg: They weren't the only thing I ate today.
Me: What else did you eat?
Greg: Um... two other donuts, some pepperoni sticks, a Baby Ruth and a root beer.
Me (staring at him incredulously): I think that's why you feel sick.


Emily said...

Lera, I want to invite to our blog, since I made it private. Can you send me you email? emilykerns at gmail dot com. Your boys are getting so big and so cute by the way. Love Brody's smiles!

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

LOL!! That sounds like my husband. Funny!

sweet nectar sara said...

that's usually me :)