Friday, December 31, 2010

Season of Service

It is the evening of December 31, which would brings our Operation December just about to a close. What a lovely experience it was to focus more on giving and serving during this special time of year. I set out with the goal to perform an act of service, whether big or small, monetary or not, at least once a day this past month. I originally thought a daily charitable deed would be a bit difficult to fulfill. How glad I was to discover that once I made giving my focus, it came easily and naturally. With prayer and with an open mind and heart, opportunities of service seemed to just about fall into our laps! It has been a wonderfully uplifting Christmas, both in the blessing we received and in the opportunities our Heavenly Father provided for us to make others' blessings come about.

With many positive experiences of giving from this past month, we are not only prepared to make this focus a holiday tradition from now on, but to also start a new year with a dedication to give more of ourselves more often.

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