Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homemade for the Holidays

The holidays wouldn't be complete without a few homemade touches.

The first is my go-to way of packaging any yummy treat. I simply put the treat in a Ziploc bag, fold a piece of cardstock, decorated it and staple it onto the top of the bag. It is super fast and always looks cute. In this case, I bagged up homemade caramels and chocolates. These bags of goodies went to my sister-in-laws and their families.

I made up these cute snowman kits for some ward friends. Each kit included: a scarf, carrot, two pieces of coal, buttons, a hat and some fake snow for decoration.

We also passed out many Santa's Cookies plates that I had designed for our Relief Society's Super Saturday. Each cookie plate had a dozen delicious fudge chocolate cookies (recipe from my friend Jenn). These cookies are scrumptious! I made the cookie plates for the families Greg and I visit/home teach. Greg's companion took home one of the plates with the plan to deliver it later that night to one of their families. He later confessed, after sneaking one cookie, he couldn't stop himself, and ended up eating them all! His wife had to bake more cookies to replace them. Hehe.

My sisters and I make a small homemade gift each year to exchange between each other in honor of our mother. We call them angel gifts, since Mom always gifted us with angel figurines each Christmas.

This year London made a couple of seasoning rubs: Spicy Sweet BBQ and Citrus Herb.

While dejunking our attic I came across a home video my parents made of Ohio (places and people we knew and loved) just before we had moved to Utah. I had the VHS converted to a DVD and gave my sisters each a copy.

Sariah handcrafted a couple of super cute totes. This winter-esk scene is mine. London's was done in more fall colors.


*Marie* said...

I love the treat bag idea and the snowman idea. Simple, creative, and unique.

sweet nectar sara said...

that snowman kit is adorable!