Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two and a Half Years Old

Palmer is SO a two year old, curious, energetic, stubborn, emotional. Often we joke with him saying, "You act like your two!" This picture was taken while jumping on his bed, because it was the only time in the past week (I've been trying that long to do a photo shoot with him) that I could get him to stay in one spot. He is growing like a weed and learning at an incredible rate. He is always on the move, and with that likes to climb, run, jump, and dance. He enjoys helping me with cooking and cleaning, and likes to help Dad fix things around the house and play keyboard, drum and video games. Everything else he wants to do by himself and in his own way. He has a signature way that exits our van, and a wants his blankets laid in a certain order at night. He is just starting to show interest in potty training. Most of the time he is a wonderful brother. He is a social little guy and makes friends wherever he goes. We love the little boy he is becoming. This is what is up with Palmer at two and a half years old.

Stats: 39 1/2 inches tall (99%), 31 pounds (64%) and his head circumference is in the 26%

He has learned: all shapes, to count to 20, the ABC song (as well as Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and several other simple children's songs), a few colors (he struggles with colors for some reason), to scale our kitchen cabinets and get whatever food item he wants, to speak longer sentences, and so many other things I can't even keep track.

He likes:
Mickey Mouse, Curious George, juice, string cheese, fruit snacks, CANDY, fruit and vegetables (hooray!), farm animals, blankets, playing children's games on the Internet with Mom/Dad, play places, parks, his cousin Davis, playing at the fitness center daycare, reading books, saving coins in his piggy bank, walks, family home evening, Chic-fil-A and Walmart.

He dislikes:
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, milk, being strapped in a cart at the store, getting his socks and shoes on, getting his diaper changed, being alone, being at home all day, and going to sleep.

Things he does that makes us laugh: funny things he says everyday (examples here and here), gets so hyper that he literally bounces off walls, gives kisses to everyone and everything, how excited (huge smile, eyes light up, and lets out a gasp) he gets over small things, his cute dance moves, and his contagious giggles and laughs.


Adrienne said...

You have two of the cutest boys EVER. They are darling. Sorry I missed Super Saturday, Adam came down with the flu that day and had some stuff come up in the morning so I couldn't leave him with the kids and had totally forgotten to ask my mom to do it! Hope it was great. Keep the updates coming they are SO cute and hopefully see you sometime soon!

Rie Pie said...

I love Palmer so much. He really is growing to be the cutest boy ever!!