Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick Or Treaters

Palmer and Brody were loving Halloween this year, especially the trick or treating and it's related candy haul. They were able to dress up a few times during the season: a friend's party, the fitness center's Safety Fair, our ward's trunk or treat and actual door to door trick or treating on Saturday night.

Palmer was a turtle this year. The costume was loaned to us by a friend. We had wanted to get him a Mickey Mouse costume this year, but they were in short supply and very pricey. When I brought the turtle costume home to try out, he was overjoyed with it! He immediate had to try it on and could not stop giggling as he pranced around the house that evening. When we found a decent priced Mickey Mouse costume a week later, he was not nearly as excited when he tried it on. So we decided to use the turtle for this year. He was so happy to wear it each and every time he put it on.

Brody was a puppy this year. Aunt Sariah gave Brody a gift card to Toys R Us for his birthday. It was there that Greg picked out the puppy costume. Brody instantly loved it! When he saw it he reached for it and let out a squeal. It then quickly went into his mouth. After he had slobbered on it and chewed off some of the fur, we knew we had to buy it. I loved this costume on him. He crawls around, pants and begs just like a puppy; it was a perfect fit! He enjoyed wearing it as well, and liked pulling on the ears and picking at the fur. I liked being able to grab his tail to hold onto him when he was crawling away.

My favorite part of Halloween this year was the trick or treating. For some reason, nothing beats going door to door. We were only out for about 20 minute this year, but the boys received a lot of candy, a.k.a. bribery to finish dinner and go on the potty.


Tiffany said...

Cute cute costumes! Love the puppy dog face that goes along with it! :)

Lisa said...

I can never say it enough. You have the cutest boys ever. LOVE the puppy face. So cute.

Rie Pie said...

They couldn't be any cuter!! I love them so much. I also love that my b-day gift to Brody got him this amazing outfit. :)