Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. This year was our turn to spend the dinner with my side of the family. London set a gorgeous table with cute pumpkin crafted turkeys for each person and we all cooked and brought part of the meal. I made pies (caramel pecan, pumpkin, chocolate cream and apple) with homemade whipped cream and Greg made the mashed potatoes. Everything was delicious! After dinner we went to visit Greg's dad, Kelly, who was in town for the holiday.

After a few hours of sleep I awoke at 2:15 AM to accompany my sisters and a couple friends to Kohls, where we began our morning shopping spree. From there we went to Walmart, then RC Willey (where I stood outside in the cold for two hours, and where my sister and our friend Susan stood outside for four hours!), then to Kmart and then our group finished up at Maceys. I went home around noon and had a half hour nap, and some lunch and then went out again with Greg and the kids to Old Navy and Roberts. I was really feeling the results of standing out in the cold at RC Willey by this point, so we picked up a pizza on the way home and then proceeded to crash on the couch until the boys and I went to bed early. The deals were definitely worth the discomfort though. I was able to purchase most of the items I went for, am just about done shopping for everyone and saved almost as much as I spent. And there's always the fun of being out and about with my fellow crazy bargain hunters. It was definitely a successful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Rie Pie said...

I love these pics!!!! Dad looks hi-larious. jeeze...Is that really his only "smile for the camera"? haha.