Monday, November 8, 2010

Operation November

In our home, November has officially become Operation Clean House.

I had trouble deciding if I wanted to do NaBloPoMo this year. It was a very positive experience for me last year. It gave me the chance to practice my writing skills that seem to have been left behind in my college years, and also to add more depth to our family blog, not just a recap of outings and holidays. I try not to only focus on these particular events, but sometime in the rush of life, I don't get around to blogging about much else. Although I'm glad I did it last year, it did take an incredible amout of time and I've been feeling quite crazed as it is.

I've been telling Greg that I am going to cut back on my hours at work for a couple months now. However, when the schedules came around to fill in, I never followed through and found myself signing up for my regular hours as well as some extras that needed to be filled. I didn't want to let my boss down and the extra money is always nice when payday comes along. I did this with November as well, and was kicking myself as I later looked at our busy calendar. Just before the November work schedule came out, my boss called me and said she was having trouble giving me my preferred shifts and was worried about shorting me hours. I quickly assured her that I was happy with less hours.

So there is was, the gift of time. I now felt I had no excuse not to participate in NaBloPoMo and devote hours and hours during the month of November to our family blog. As you can see this simply did not happen. It is now November 8th and this is only my third post.

Here is the reason. A couple days before the start of November, as I was thinking up fun craft projects to make and offer as giveaways during NaBloPoMo I noticed that Brody was rubbing a hairball/dustball between his fingers. I let out an exclamation of disgust and quickly snatched it and put it rightfully in the garbage. Just a minute later I noticed him with another dustball in his hand, only this time it was heading straight into his open mouth. I yelped again and quickly ceased the unwanted, unclean ball of filth. I then looked around my house, the baseboards, the blinds, the walls and windows and realized it desperately needed some extra attention.

I usually keep a tidy house. Dishes are done, toys and clothes are put away. But it seems that I don't get to the deep cleaning nitty gritty details often enough, and it is beginning to show. I decided for the safety of my always-eating-of-the-floor crawling baby, as well as my housekeeping pride, it was time to clean house. So sadly, as you stop by our blog this month you may not be met with a new post. However, if you stop by the house this month, I can assure that you will be met with the smell of Pine-Sol.


Jenn said...

I need to have an operation going on here, but we are all sick right now so doubt that is going to happen! but good luck and i love the smell of pine sol!

Rie Pie said...

You are one busy little lady. I really want to do NaBloPoMo but I am already 9 days behind. lol. Who knows, maybe that will make it a better challange.
I'm super excited to see you Friday!!

sweet nectar sara said...

whatever is most important for you & family is best!!! if you getting to blog makes you a happier mom, so be it, but sometimes it feels like it can just be one more thing on your to-do list. so go you :)