Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hope from Time Out for Women

I had the opportunity to attend Salt Lake City's Time Out for Women last weekend, November 19 and 20. It was absolutely wonderful, even better than last year. My sister Sariah came with me and likewise loved every moment of it. This year's theme was infinite hope, and it surely was an event full of hope. I gained so much that hope, inspiration and wisdom, and left with a desire to be better person and to bring hope to others as well. I took pages of notes that I will treasure in days to come, but for the sake of space in this post I'm going to post one powerful thought from each presenter.

Friday night:

Virginia Hinckely Pearce: Virginia was lovely, so down to earth and real. The comment she said that most stood out to me is, "Comparison is the fast track to misery."

Dallyn Vail Bayles: There were a few times my jaw actually dropped when listening to his unbelievable voice. He spoke of how much courage it takes to take a step into the darkness, but if we do, Heavenly Father will bless us. He then sang, "You Know Better than I."

Hiedi Swinton: President Monson puts people first. His life is made up of helping individuals. I also loved his comment to Heidi when asking her to write his biography, "I know you're on a mission, but you're not that busy are you?"

Saturday day:

Linda Eyre and Shawni Eyre Pothier: These women are a mother and daughter team who discussed secrets of motherhood. Two ideas they mentioned that I want to implement into my family are to have a family mission statement and to have a designated place in the house where to children sit where they, not you, can work out an argument.

Brad Wilcox: He spoke about the principle of grace, and how we are saved after all we can do. He pointed out that the emphasis in this statement is in the word "we." And that "we" represents ourselves and Jesus Christ. There is no set ratio in what we do and what He does; it is about the sum of that relationship.

Mariama Kallon: This woman was amazing! She is a convert to the church from Siera Leone. The horrors she has endured are unfathomable to me. And despite all that, she was absolutely charming and has a strong testimony, tremendous faith and a great sense of humor. She referred to the scriptures as her therapist.

Hillary Weeks: I just love Hillary Weeks. She spoke about making a commitment to not gossip, something I have attempted to do often. She said once she stopped participating in gossip, she began to love other more and herself more.

Amanda Dickson: I must say I think Amanda Dickson is the most energetic and optimistic person I have ever heard from. You could not help but have a huge, goofy smile of your face when listening to her. From her talk I took the idea to get your hopes up, and even if the worst thing happens, who knows, you might like the worst thing.

Emily Freeman: She said, "Hope is what sustains our soul in circumstances that would otherwise destroy us." And later added that, "Christ gives us that hope."

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Tiffany said...

Wow! You took better notes than I did... What an incredible weekend! Can't wait for next year! :)