Friday, November 19, 2010

Elves and Women at Santa's Workshop

Our ward's Super Saturday Santa's Workshop has come and gone. It was a hit, if I do say so myself. I was a bit anxious going into the event. We had General Conference and Stake Conference during our advertising and craft sign-ups, so a lot of women didn't get their orders in on time. I extended the deadline a bit and called everyone who had signed up and not paid and in two days, doubled our orders. After we had all the flyers up with the date, the church announced that World Wide Training would be held at the same time. Then two days before the event we found out our building was booked for a funeral, and we had to schedule another building and notify all the women of the change. I had two classes set up, and one teacher ended up having surgery and had her daughter-in-law fill in on short notice, and our other teacher had something come up and would barely be able to make it to teach her class on time. Then when I went to set up the morning of, there was a full out basketball game going on in the cultural hall. I just stood there watching the men play for about a minute thinking, "Seriously!?" Then the type A personality planner in me took over and I kindly but firmly told them they needed to leave. Regardless of all these last minute stresses and changes, thankfully everything did come together.

I opened the activity with this poem I wrote about elves and women.

Welcome to Santa’s Workshop
We think you’ll feel at home
Here amongst the elves
In common company you do roam

For women and elves are similar
Just bear with me and see
How much in common us two do have
I believe you will agree

Elves operate from dusk till dawn
Indeed they are master workmen
Women also have a great work to do
To which we attend over and over again

Santa’s little helpers are very familiar
With putting in a great deal of time
And as with women, often the efforts
Will not earn them one single dime

When the reindeer need tending
The elves are there in a swoop
Likewise us women with our young
wash, feed and clean up poop

The elves are always cheerful and glad
Their happy caroling is surely an art
Women too seek to be kind and friendly
And carry a song in their heart

Elves like to make a statement
With big hats, shiny bells and rouge
Women have even adapted their style
With our fashionably chic pointy toed shoes

Yet in all seriousness, elves and women
Are most importantly alike in our living
A charitable life, founded in service of others
For our greatest gift is in our giving

So today - please visit and enjoy
Feast, craft, learn and be sure to create
Today’s activity is to help prepare for
a holiday, you elves, are sure to make great!

We had a pretty good show of people. I even had several friends come to support me who were not in the ward, so very sweet of them. We had crafts for the sisters to do: a muffin tin countdown, a Santa's cookie plate, a set of four felt ornaments and a humanitarian project (tying baby quilts). Our two mini classes (holiday cooking taught by Mary Underhill and creative gift wrapping taught by my sister London) were great! We served breakfast and lunch, and had a very full nursery. All in all it was a good time.

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