Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visiting Geepa

During the first weekend of October we took a trip to Ely, Nevada to visit Greg's dad, Kelly, or Geepa (Grandpa) according to Palmer. The actual driving was pretty rough. It only takes a couple hours on the road to remind me why we do not take road trips with our kids often. Plus, Brody had contracted some sort of stomach bug, which made for a lot of pulling over and a lot of blowouts! Poor kid, poor car seat, poor van seat (that's right, it was to bad that it dripped down through the slats in the carseat onto the actual bench seat of the van).

Once we arrived, we had a great time! We played pool, hot tubbed, played Wii, visited with Kelly's friends, and ate and ate and ate. Greg and Kelly went out four wheeling Saturday afternoon. They went to the tip of the nearby mountain. I did not get a chance to four wheel do to a badly timed migraine (boo). But I am glad Greg got in some good quality time with his Dad.

Palmer had a hard time not touching all of Grandpa Kelly's nice stuff, and Brody continued to fill diaper after diaper which lead to a very sore bum, but all in all the boys had a great time as well. They must have played pretty hard because they both took a turn napping on the drive home (thank goodness!). Until next time Grandpa Kelly.

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