Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Year Old

Our little baby Brody turned one yesterday. We celebrated by having both sides of the family over for dinner and cake and icecream. I will be sure to post pictures and a video of the affair in the next day or two. The time sure has flown; I can hardly believe he is no longer that itty bitty babe who lay swaddled and snuggled in my arms one year ago. We adore Brody so very much! He is just the sweetest! With his cuddles, big bright eyes, silly smile, and curious nature, you can't help but fall in love with him. Here are the stats on Brody as a one year old.

Stats: height - 30 1/2 inches (74%), weight - 19 pounds 19 ounces (9%) and his head circumference is in the 62%

He has learned: to crawl, to wean and to close doors

He likes: being held (especially by Mom), exploring, sippy cups, cuddles, tickles, playing with his brother, toys that light up and make noise, looking in the mirror, macaroni and cheese, goldfish crackers, poking eyes, poking at buttons, electrical wires, remote controls, cell phones, and keys

He dislikes: being alone, waiting to eat and when Palmer (or other babies) cry

Things he does that makes us laugh: pokes/points at everything, doesn't like to get messy and will prefer to be spoon-fed with such meals, when crawling he often lifts the right leg all the way up to his foot as if he is going to walk, hearty laughs and silly smiles

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