Monday, October 11, 2010

Brody First Birthday

Brody turned one this past Wednesday, September 9. We celebrated by having both sides of the family over for dinner and cake and ice cream. Brody loved all the attention from his grandparents, aunties and cousins. He was all smiles. He was spoiled good and received: a big truck that makes noise when bumped, soft Toy Story Woody and Jesse dolls, a T-Rex flashlight, a bead maze, wooden toy cars, $25 to Toys R Us, a V-Tech book that plays music and lights up (and has a microphone that he has so enjoyed yelling into), a Zuzu Pet, and a musical gear station. He and Palmer have put all the toys to great use in the past few days. After presents we stripped him down so that he could really go at his cake. We weren't sure if he would even get into the cake since he usually doesn't like to get really messy when eating. He prefers for me to spoon feed him if the meal is really wet. However, he does have a fascination with eyes, and since his Aunt Andrea made an adorable Elmo cake, he had no reserve in regards to digging into those big frosted eyeballs. He did not get nearly as messy as Palmer did. In fact, he didn't even get to the cake before he was ready to be done. We bathed him right afterwards, but his skin was still stained pink from the red, red frosting, as was his highchair, Greg and my hands, the bathtub and everything else he came in contact with. I served a couple cakes I had baked along with ice cream to everyone else. It was a great time! Thanks to all our family who came to celebrate our little guy's first birthday!

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