Monday, September 20, 2010

The Lion King

Saturday Greg and I had the opportunity to see the broadway production of The Lion King at The Capital Theater. Greg had purchased the tickets back in June for my birthday, so I've been anxiously waiting for months to see it. It turned out to be far worth the wait; it was amazing! We had great seats, half-way back on the floor. The timing was lovely as well, our first time out together since his returned from his eight day business trip. I have had the chance to see a couple other broadway plays (The Phantom of the Opera and Beauty in the Beast), so I knew this one would likewise be spectaular. The acting, singing, and choreography were marvelous, but the costumes and design far supassed anything I could imagine. It was by far the most visually astounding creation I've seen!


Barb said...

Dave and I also saw The Lion King on opening weekend - and LOVED it.

Rie Pie said...

I'm so jealous!! ha. That is awesome

Rie Pie said...
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