Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy for Him, Sad for Me

Greg continues to do well and impress at his new job. A couple times now, some big stuff has come down on Greg from the big wigs at corporate, and his boss as well as his boss' boss are quick to stick up for him. This doesn't surprise me much; Greg is just an all-around great, friendly guy. However, it's always nice to be appreciated. He works hard and he loves his work. He hardly notices the 60+ hours a week he's been putting in.

Greg's boss chose Greg to accompany him on a week long business trip to Las Vegas and San Jose. He'll be doing some maintenance work on the company's servers and some extra training. He was thrilled with the opportunity. I have been not so thrilled, but have tried to be supportive. He left this morning, and I am missing him already. I don't know when the kids will realize he is gone, but I know once they do, they will likewise be very sad.

I'm a little nervous about taking care of the boys on my own for an entire week (sadly some of my help: my dad, step-mom and sister will be out of town in Ohio at the same time). Funny, I know, since I watch them all day long, every day. Yet, there is something to be said about knowing that once Greg gets home, even if it is a 8:00 pm, I can tell him to take over as I take a shower, fix dinner or just plain veg out for a half hour without having to change a diaper, fill a sippy cup, comfort a fussy baby or play with playdough. I told Greg the other night that the fact that I am stressed about him leaving is a testament of just what a good, and involved, father he really is. So wish me luck. I do have a few plans up my sleeve, and a couple babysitters arranged to help us pass the time.


mj said...

sorry! i have done a few business trips myself. it seems to go by pretty quickly. and the kids seem to know that you are on your own. (meaning they behave a little bit better)i am glad you have some things planned, that will help! good luck!

Lynette said...

I know I don't comment that often on your blog, but I DO read it. :) :) I've never been alone with our children for more than three days in a row, so I'm feeling your anxiety over here!! You are SMART to get a babysitter so you can catch a break!! I never thought of that! :) :)

Have heart and think of something fun to do for when he comes home. :)