Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting through the Moments

The kids and I made it through our week without Greg. In fact, he is on his way home from his business trip right now. Hooray! I am as giddy as a school girl. In five years we have never been apart this long. And honestly, it was rough, on the both of us, as well as the boys. We truly do enjoy spending every moment possible together, and a week without Greg left out far too many of those moments, such as:

Sad moments: Palmer asking for his dad daily, and when told he was at work replied, "Dada work a lot!" or "I work too." - Going to sleep all by my lonesome - Eating dinner by myself since by the time I get myself served, the boys are just about finished eating.

Silly moments: A lot of peek-a-boo and tickles

Fun moments: Getting a babysitter and going with my sister to the scrapbook expo. - Eating lunch at Chic-fil-A - Playing at the park. - Making strawberry peach jam with my sister and our friend Tammy.

Scary moments: Losing Palmer after work on Wednesday night. As we were clocking out, he and my co-worker's daughter ran out the backroom's back door and then apparently out the automatic front doors. After a crew of us checked everywhere for them, my co-worker finally found them outside, in the pitch dark, playing in the park on the other side of the parking lot. Scariest ten minutes of my life!

Exhausting moments: Doing two kids' bedtime routine. - During the first few days of Greg's absence the boys were so insecure and clingy that they would not eat or play unless they were doing so on my lap. - Carrying Brody, the diaper bag, two plates of food and holding Palmer's hand while heading to the Ward Picnic and many other outings that required just as much hauling.

Sweet moments: Letting Palmer stay up late so that we could cuddle on the couch together. - Palmer talking to Greg on the phone and telling him he loves him. - Getting to talk to my hubby before going to bed.

Saving moments: Nancy offering to watch the boys during my Relief Society Planning meeting. - Dropping the kids off at the gym child care so that I could workout and have a little time to myself. - London offering to watch Palmer so that I could take a morning nap with Brody.

Pathetic moments: Pushing my exhausted self to the gym in order to run the slowest mile I ever have. - Tearing up in the produce section of Walmart, the second store I had dragged two very cranky and tired kids to, because they were also out of strawberries.

Milestone moment: Brody crawled for the first time!

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Rie Pie said...

I love this list!! I wish I could have been here to make your week a bit easier. You are a champ!!