Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ten Months Old

Brody is now ten months old. He is so sweet and precious; I want him to stay his cute little self forever. He is doing so well in his recovery from his accident. He has regained all his motor skills and is getting through the day with very minimal pain treatment. He had x-rays this past week. They showed that he was almost completely healed. It is so amazing how quickly his little body can renew and restore itself. What a blessing! He is getting really loud, and likes to scream and yell at us to get our attention. He also really wants to get places on his own, but isn't quite able to yet. Instead of crawling, he wriggles, thrusts, flops and throws his body around to the best of his ability. It's pretty funny to watch, and just about impossible to hold on to him. Here is what is up with Brody at ten months of age.

He has learned: to wave (very, very enthusiastically), and to say "ma ma"

He likes: keys, eating with the family at dinner time and eating what we are eating, being held and cuddled, tickles, being sang to, pulling hair, baths, sippy cups with water and playing with Palmer

He dislikes: being left alone, and belly time

Things he does/about him that makes us laugh: his two handed wave, continual bouncing, his "Ricky Martin" hip and shoulder shaking moves, his faux hawk that is always sticking up, pointing and poking at everything, big toothy grins, and lots of giggles

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mj said...

i am so happy to hear that he is healing scary! what a happy baby you have! so what is up with babies not liking tummy time? mine doesn't either!