Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Lump

Here's a little ditty Greg and I have been know to sing to Brody on occasion, in reference to his strawberry hemangioma. It is adapted from The Black Eyed Peas' song "My Humps".

My bump, my bump, my bump, my bump, my bump
My bump, my bump, my bump, my lovely baby lump
Check it out

Teaching him a sense of humor? Or creating psychological damage? Well, he seems to enjoy the little tune as of right now, and by the time he is a brooding teenager, the birthmark will be long gone. So, I suppose, no harm done.


Lisa said...

So cute, love the picture of him also. I love you guys so much.
I told Mitch today that he should call Greg to go see Scott Pilgram vs the world. It is such a gamer movie.
Love the BUMP, love the baby

Lera said...

Lisa, Greg is dying to see that movie. Me, not too interested in it. :)

Travis and Mindy Tilley said...

That is pretty funny about the baby lumps song. Morgan was born with a port wine stain that runs from her fingertips all the way up her arm, and now that she is older and realizing she has a "different" arm than others, she has questioned it. I think that it has been a good teaching opportunity to let her know how special she is, and that if others are insensitive or rude about it (which most people are pretty nice), then that is their problem not hers and we love her no matter what. I don't think at all it is damaging to have a fun song about it. I think it will help give him a sense of humor about it as opposed to those other moms who fret over what everyone says or thinks about their child's "difference" and then their child becomes self conscious or whatever. As long as he knows you love him, that will be enough. =)