Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun with Dinosaurs

"Fun with dinosaurs!" is what Palmer exclaimed last night as we vacated The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. We had changed our family home evening this week from Monday to Tuesday in order to take advantage of the awesome deal Thanksgiving Point is running this month. Their dinosaur museum, gardens and farm country are all $2.00 on Tuesdays during the month of August. Children two years old and under are free, so we really scored in only having to pay $4.00 for a fun family activity. Palmer was in absolute heaven at the museum. His first view of the large dinosaur on the wall of the building brought a very excited, "Dinosaur! Roar!" from his lips. Each and every consequential dinosaur replica he met from then on was given the same enthusiasm. He especially loved getting wet and dirty with the erosion table. Brody liked playing in the sand quarry, so much he even tried eating it! We look forward to enjoying more Tuesday fun at Thanksgiving Point this month.


Brian_n_Amy said...

Nice! I may just have to go. Thanks for the info! That sounds l like a lot of fun!

Lisa said...

How FUN, what a great deal. So glad you were able to go and have a fun time with your cute boys. Such a fun place with so much to see and do.