Monday, July 26, 2010

Brody's Spinal Injury - Part 1

Saturday, July 24, 2010 -

Brody fell off his changing table at 8:30 AM. I was right next to him, but had turned my back in order to get a diaper from the adjacent wall. It took a total of five seconds for the accident to happen. I heard him cry and turned around to find him lying on the floor, turned in the opposite direction, flat on his back. I picked him up, calmed him down and rocked him to sleep. I then, not realizing he was injured, went to the gym while Greg stayed home with the kids. I am told he cried out sporadically through his nap. Greg got him up after an hour or so, and I nursed him when I got home. We realized whenever we lifted him up into a sitting position, he cried out in pain. We tried to locate the injury, but were unable to.

At 11:30 AM I took him to Instacare. The doctor examined him and was also unable to identify his exact injury and sent us to Primary Children's so that he could be x-rayed and evaluated by specialists. I called Greg and London on my way out and told them what was going on. Monte came over to pick up Palmer and I went home to pick up Greg before going on to the hospital.

We arrived at Primary Children's ER at 1:30 PM. We were told not to give any food to Brody while there. The ER was very busy and it took a couple hours for the doctor to even make an appearance. He examined Brody and ruled out some possible injuries. He then ordered three x-rays: his collarbone, spine and pelvic bone. He also took a blood sample to check if he had ruptured his spleen. Around 5:00 I was given permission to nurse Brody, but still to not give him food. At 6:00 the doctor came in to tell us he couldn't find anything on the x-rays and that the Brody's blood count was in the normal range. Brody was still in a lot of pain whenever sat-up, lifted or moved. He was happy and content when on his back or being held in a laying down position. The doctor said he knew something was wrong, because babies don't lie about pain, and that he would keep checking. The next step was to check with the trauma team for head injuries. By this time I had a bad headache from working out and then proceeding to not eat or drink all day, so I went to the cafeteria and called our family to let them know what was going on. At 7:00 Greg called me there and said the radiologist had taken a look at the films at a higher resolution and found three wedge fractures in Brody's spine. We were allowed to nurse and feed Brody dinner. The trauma team came to tell us that Brody would be admitted and kept, at least overnight.

We were admitted at 8:00 PM. Greg drove home to pick up Palmer and get some overnight supplies for Brody and me. We were introduced to our nurse Deanna, who took to Brody instantly. She was wonderful! Greg arrived back at the hospital with Palmer at about 10:00. At this point my headache was a full-blown migraine. I took the medicine he brought and a shower, and that seemed to help. Greg left at 11:00 when I was feeling well enough to take care of Brody. The neurologist's nurse came to talk to us. She said the neurologist took a look at the x-rays and decided Brody would need a brace. The brace would be for comfort only. She also said since the injury was so severe in regards to the short fall, that they had ordered to have every bone in Brody's body to be x-rayed the next day to check for abuse.

That night was one of the longest of my life. Brody was in so much pain, overly exhausted and dehydrated from crying and lack of nourishment through the day. He would only sleep in my arms and woke anytime a nurse or doctor came in to check on him. He got about two hours of interrupted sleep through the night. At about 2:00 AM he was screaming like I had never heard before. It was a high piercing shrill and he was arching his back in pain as I tried to rock and calm him. The nurse got permission to give him a more potent pain medicine. It didn't seem to help and his intense crying lasted for two more hours. I was praying as intently as I ever had. At 4:00 they put in an IV to hydrate him since he had stopped peeing and he got a dose of Motrine. Once it kicked in he was all smiles. I let him play in his crib while I took a half hour nap, the only sleep I got all night.


Kristina Werner said...

Oh my word, Lera! What a terrifying ordeal. Even though you haven't posted the rest of the story, I was relieved to hear on Facebook that he's doing well and on the mend. Fill in the rest of the details when you have a moment.

Thinking of your little guy and hope he's feeling better soon. :)

*Marie* said...

I cried reading this. I can only imagine all that is going through your head watching your baby go through this.