Friday, June 11, 2010

That Doesn't Go There

Yep, that is a partially eaten piece of bread in our game closet. And as of this morning, I cannot locate my deodorant stick. I have always been scatterbrained and have been know to misplace items. In fact, at girls camp I was given the award of most likely to lose her head if it wasn't attached. However, life with a toddler has brought my inability to find stuff to a whole new level. Palmer walks off, moves and hides just about everything he can get his hands on. We have located crayons in the bathroom sink, sippy cups in the bathtub, a DVD remote in my scrapbook paper tote, marbles in Greg's shoes, silverware in the garbage, my contact case also found it's way into the game closet, and so many other misplaced items I couldn't possibly attempt to remember them all! It's almost enough to make one lose her mind.


Jenn said...

That's really funny! Maddie likes to hide things too but not as much as Palmer I think! It really would feel like I am losing my mind because I already lose too much stuff on my own as it is!

Tiffany said...

Lilly does the same thing. But, usually when I ask her where something is, she'll remember and take me to it. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind! Ah, the joys of motherhood!! :)