Monday, June 7, 2010

Eight Months Old

Brody is growing up! He is now eight months old and just as sweet and cuddly as the day he was born. He is very social and is always smiling and flirting. He has become quite vocal and just loves to baby talk. He sounds so much like his big brother. In fact, their voices are so alike that when we are waken in the night, we have make sure to check exactly who's monitor is lighting up.

He has learned: to sit unsupported, to chew/gum solid foods
and to cross his fingers

He likes: playing in water (whether it be swimming, bathing or washing hands), eating food that has bite to it, playing peek-a-boo, getting tickled, rocking in his carseat, bouncing in his bouncer and jumping in his jumperoo

He dislikes: being rocked in one's arms, being alone, belly time, and is beginning to lose interest in baby food

Things he does/about him that makes us laugh: blow raspberries, croak like a frog, grab everyone's hair, high pitched squeals, huge laughs, toothy grins, his natural faux hawk, and how he leans forward as far as possible with his mouth wide open and his whole body shaking when he wants a bite of food.


Rie Pie said...

I love this picture more than I can say!! I think this is my favorite one ever.

Lera said...

I love this one too; I especially love those dimples on the tops of his cheeks!