Monday, June 7, 2010

Eight Month Photo Shoot

Just about every portrait session of Brody's seems to become my new favorite. His eight month photo shoot is no exception. The photographer we had was new to us. She said she recognized Brody from previous pictures she had seen taken at the studio. She remarked several times how fun and easy he was to photograph since he was so happy and attentive. She did a great job herself as well. Happy baby + good photographer = a mom who can't pick a favorite shot and thereby must print them all!


Rie Pie said...

Beautiful pics!! Expensive too. lol. I think I have to wait until next paycheck to make my order. :)

Lera said...

Sorry. They are only $4 a sheet at the inital purchase. I can always order you one, but I never know what you'd want.

I have an extra 5 x 7 from this particular shoot. But no extras of the two boys together. Which is what I think you are wanting.