Monday, June 21, 2010

Appreciating Men

Often, I think men get a lot of flack for being men. They are the butt of many jokes and complaints among us women. But in all honesty, I think they are pretty great! This is especially true in regards to my husband Greg and my father Ed. So, in honor of Father's Day I would like to post several things for which I am thankful that these wonderful men step up and do.
  1. Work. I do work to subsidize our income, but it is very minimal. Greg is the one to bring home the bacon. He is at work, working hard, much more often than he is kicking back at home. I'm so glad that he is such a dedicated provider. My father likewise worked hard for our family. He is a truck driver, and especially when I was younger, was always on the road. I drove along on one trip with him, and that was enough for me.
  2. Mow the lawn and other manly chores. I know I will sound like an absolute princess when I say this, but I have never, in my 28 years of life, mowed the lawn. The men in my life have always, without complaint, taken over the dreaded chore. They also change the tires, fix up the home and screw in light bulbs. I am glad that they are willing to do these "man jobs" because I would much rather spend my time doing the "woman jobs" in the kitchen.
  3. Listen. Us Nichol's girls like to talk, and more often than not that talking is about our feelings. There are times when I am even sick of my complaining! Not once has Greg ever made me feel like I wasn't worth listening to.
  4. Play hard. Dads are great playmates. I would never rough house with Palmer and Brody in the manner that Greg does; it's just not in my nature. Men's ability to play hard is also a good influence on me, as an adult. So easily I find myself stressed out and wrapped up in all the many things I can and should be doing, that often I miss the moments to sit back and enjoy life. Greg helps steer me in that direction and helps me relax and have fun.
  5. Worthily hold the Priesthood. The Priesthood is such an amazing blessing in my life. My home has never been without it, and for that I am so very, very thankful. I have always had a loving father or husband able and willing to give me a blessing whenever needed. I have always had the guidance and spirit in my home that accompanies a worthy priesthood holder. Satan works so hard on those worthy men; I truly believe it is his number one tool in bringing down families. How blessed I am that my father and husband rise above the temptations of the world and lived up to their god given potential.

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Lisa said...

What a wonderful post. Just have to say I am so thankful for the same things. I too do not remember ever mowing a lawn. I know I have never mowed ours in our home and we have been here for 12 years. So you are not alone on that one. I have never changed a tire either.