Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

What a fabulous Mothers Day I had! Greg spoiled me! He let me sleep in and got the kids up and ready for church. He made me breakfast, sausage, bacon, and egg biscuit sandwiches. He gave me flowers, and even more touching, purchased some flowers to take to my mom. He also gave me a gift card to Kohls and a cookbook, as well as a "potato bank" (a silly reference to Malcolm in the Middle) from Palmer. What a thoughtful, creative and funny man I married!

We went to church, where Palmer proceeded to be a maniac, and came home early after sacrament meeting since he was so out of control and needed a nap. Greg also took a nap, being so exhausted from playing mom early that morning. Haha.

We went to Aaron and Emily's house to have dinner with Greg's side of the family. The cousins played and we were able to wish Greg's Mom as well as his Grandma a Happy Mothers Day. We ate chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, and chips with dips. I made cheesecake for dessert.

Then we headed on over to my Dad's home to celebrate London's birthday with my side of the family. We were served German chocolate cake and ice cream. Pappy took Palmer and Davis on a walk to the park, and there is always a willing arm to hold Brody, so I received a nice break.

We ended the evening with a trip to the cemetery to visit my mom. I shed a few tears. Mothers Day will always be a tad bittersweet for me. She was such an amazing mom. I miss her so very, very much. How grateful for the knowledge that I will be able to be with her again, and how grateful I am for my adorable boys, and wonderful husband, who make sure there are far more sweet moments than bitter.


Annie-Staten said...

Such a cute pic of you with your boys!

Rie Pie said...

Great post sweetie!! I love all of the pictures. Mother's day seemed more bitter for me this year, but I was super glad to celebrate Lon's b-day. It helped lighten things up.
Love you and your super awesome family.

*Marie* said...

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. You are a wonderful mom- and have taught ME a lot- and wife and friend. I'm sorry for your pain about losing your mom. But I agree it is comforting to know we have the blessings of eternal families and can be together again. *hug*

Tiffany said...

Love that last picture of you and your boys!! You have to try the Baked Potato Soup recipe in that cookbook. It's so yummy!! :) Happy Mother's Day!