Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Years

Palmer is officially a two year old. Even though he very much acts like a two year old, and has been for the last few months, I still cannot believe how quickly he has grown. He is one very energetic, personable, smart and all around adorable little boy. We love him so very, very much! This is what is going on with Palmer at two years of age.

His stats: 36 inches tall, 28.8 pounds

He has learned: to say just about anything and communicate well, to open child-locked doors, to drink from a cup, to get his own cup of water, to help clean up (put away toys, wipe up spills, throw garbage away, put his dishes in the sink, etc.), to blow his nose, to match shapes and colors, to move chairs and stools around so that he can climb up and get to whatever he wants including a cup and pouring his own glass of water, to climb out of his crib, to say prayers (with help from Mom and Dad) and to count to three

He likes: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, cleaning, reading books, going on walks or to the park, fruit snacks, string cheese, juice, popsicles, playing in water, baths with his brother Brody, balloons, bubbles, getting samples at Costco, going to the daycare and playing with friends

He dislikes: sharing, going down for naps or going to bed at night, having to sit still at church, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and staying at home all day

Things he does that makes us laugh: plays with Brody, makes sure to give a kiss on both cheeks (he tells us “other side” to make sure we get the second cheek), gives full on big kisses on the mouth to his little girl friend at the daycare, sings along with songs, overly animated expressions, calls a person's chest "babies" since his mom breastfeeds, mimics everything he sees us do, and a lot of giggles and laughs


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

They definitely grow up WAY too fast! Happy Birthday Palmer!!

Adrienne said...

What a sweet boy! I am even more convinced that we need to get our little guys together, they love all the same things! Who knows, maybe it will be recipe for disaster, but their interests are sure similar!

Rie Pie said...

I couldn't figure out what babies were. lol. I love him so much!!

Colb, Sar and Cici said...

Such a cutie! Seriously your boys are adorable!