Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seven Months Old

Brody is growing up so quickly! I can't believe that he is now closer to a year old than his birthday. He continues to be a very pleasant and happy baby, even amid a whole lot of teething. He smiles nonstop and rarely cries. He even behaves fairly well for babysitters now. He is definitely going to be a mover just like his brother. He is not yet mobile, yet still finds ways to get himself to rock, bounce, shake and roll. We love him so much; he brings so much joy to our lives! This is what Brody is up to at seven months of age.

He has learned to: roll over, jump around in his jumperoo, and is becoming more vocal

He likes: peek-a-boo, tickles, playing with his brother, bouncers, relaxing on the floor, playing with toys, playing with his toes, sucking on his hands, being held and cuddled, going outside, nursing and baby food (especially bananas)

He dislikes: being alone, belly time, and eating solid food (doesn't even like baby crackers)

Things he does/about him that make us laugh: smiles all the time, likes to grunt, pumps his legs like a machine to rock his bouncer or car seat, is always grabbing my hair, mimics funny faces, big grins and big laughs

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