Monday, May 3, 2010

Palmer's Second Birthday

Palmer turned two Sunday, May 2. We sang and wished him Happy Birthday all morning long. He was so thrilled with the extra attention that by the time we got to church he was singing happy birthday to himself very loudly as we entered the chapel for Sacrament Meeting. We had both sides of the family over to celebrate with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party. Mickey and the gang are his absolute favorite right now. We had dinner: hot dogs (in honor of the “Hot Dog Song” from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), chips, a vegetable tray and Mickey Mouse shaped cheeses. Palmer opened presents. We gave him a potty. He also received: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies, an inflatable pool, a building set, a Mickey Mouse shirt, a Handy Manny doll and shirt, and two tricycles. He sure is loved! We served cake and ice cream. After a couple of tries, Palmer was able to blow out his candle. The party was so much fun and Palmer had an absolute blast. As Mickey would say, “What a hot dog day!”

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