Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Six Months Old

At six months old Brody is sporting two new bottom teeth and some very cute little chubs. This boy loves to eat. He continues to be very smiley and easy to laugh. He likes to play and interact. This is pretty much always the case except for babysitters. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a teenage babysitter he doesn't traumatize. He is still drooling like crazy so I am predicting we will see a few more teeth in the near future.

Stats: 15 lb. 13 oz (21 percentile), 28 3/4 inches long (99 percentile)

He has learned to: rock his carseat on his own by swinging his legs back and forth, and now makes squawking and chirping noises along with his coos

He likes: rice cereal and almost all baby foods, the bouncers, playing on the floor, playing peek-a-boo and getting tickled

He dislikes: green beans, tummy time and seeing his brother rough housing with Dad because he thinks it hurts Palmer

Things he does/about him that make us laugh: big gummy smiles, high pitched squawks when he is happy, big burps and how he laughs as well as cries along with his big brother at the exact same frequency

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Rie Pie said...

He is getting to be such a big guy!! I love brody so much. I find it hi-larious when both of the boys are crying, it's almost the exact same.