Monday, April 19, 2010

Date Night

During our last Ward Conference, our bishop gave a great talk that focused on ways to bring more happiness into our lives. One piece of advice he gave was if at all possible to go on a weekly date with your spouse. The moment I heard him say this I quickly responded that it was not a possibility for us. I then thought to myself, why not? My main reasoning was because of money, which definitely is a valid concern. I realized though, that if I truly made dating my husband a real priority, we would find a way to get around the obstacles before us. That evening I talked to Greg about making a goal to go on a weekly date; he of course was more than willing. We planned babysitters (thankfully we had purchased some babysitting during the Young Women auction with our tax refund, enough to get us through until Greg is getting paid a little more with his new job), and dates that we could go on that would be free or very minimal in cost. We also decided that we would dedicate one date night a month as a temple night and on those nights instead of hiring a babysitter, ask grandparents to watch the boys.

One month later we do indeed find ourselves happier. I almost feel guilty about all the fun we've had. Our dates have been modest as we planned; we have attended the temple twice, gone to a dollar theater movie, shared an ice cream shake, taken a walk and last weekend we ate at a restaurant with a coupon which lightened the bill to about $6.00. It has been wonderful! And we are look forward to many more to come.

If by chance you are reading this, and thinking that sure would be nice, but it's not possible for us, think again. Once we started thinking outside of the box, we realized there are many free activities out there to enjoy, and there are ways to arrange free babysitting as well (once we finish off our service coupons, we will be looking into swapping babysitting nights with another family). I for one, am so glad I took the advice to heart. After a month of dating, we find ourselves not only happier as a couple, but also due to a break now and then, better parents as well.


Rie Pie said...

Date night...oy vey, those haven't been good for me. lol.

Let me know if you ever need a free sitter.

Lisa said...

I love this Lera, Way to go. I love the positive attitude and how you just DID IT. What an inspiration. I need to take this advice. Thanks for sharing and good for you and Greg.

*Marie* said...

Great thinking! I like your ideas for the dates, and the swapping babysitting is a great idea. I'd love to get in on that, if you are still looking for people to swap with. I know that we need to get started on that, because it will only be more difficult once the baby is born next month. I'm glad you guys have been able to get out, and that it has been so beneficial for you.

Tiffany said...

What a FABULOUS idea!!! I am telling Jay about it RIGHT NOW! :)

BreAn said...

Good for you! We decided to do once a month...maybe we should try for once a week.