Friday, March 19, 2010

Working Hard for the Money

Work, work, work is what I have been up to. We just haven't been making the bills and when Greg said it was time for him to get a second job, I told him I would rather be the one to work more. He doesn't see the kids much as it is, and I see them all the time (since they even come to work with me), so I thought me working more instead of him would be the best solution. As we talked about options I mentioned that most of my coworkers had already gotten a second job and that there were a lot of shifts opening up. We decided I would see if I could just work more at my current job, and whenever possible, he would take the kids instead of me bringing them along (they can only handle so much time at the loud, busy, overly stimulating daycare). Since the schedule had already been made for the current month at my work, I posted a note asking coworkers to call me first when they needed a shift covered. It's worked like a charm! I usually worked 2-3 shifts a week, but for this past month, thanks much to my thoughtful coworkers, I've been working 4-6 shifts a week, many of them being doubles since Greg can get off early (he makes up the hours on another day) and comes to pick up the kids before my second shift.

Me working more has changed our family atmosphere a bit. The kids are always tired. Even though Greg is watching them during a couple shifts a week, they are still at the day care more than usual. They miss naps and are generally worn out from being there so often. The house has seen some pretty messy days, and seems to never be totally picked up. I am so far behind on laundry that I have to run a load just to have something to wear the next day. Dinners are fast and simple, sometimes cooked by Greg, and about once a week we just plain skip it (as in Palmer has frozen chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, or something else that heats up in a matter of minutes). I am truly amazed at full-time working moms and how they successfully find ways to do it all! If there is a secret, please let me in on it.

Greg is still struggling with his current work situation. He is still very much underemployed in both skill level and pay. He is still working Saturdays and Sundays. His work doubled the cost of our benefits last month and that really put us behind. He applied for another account at his work that he was more than qualified for, and that paid better, but he wasn't even considered because the account he is currently on is understaffed and the company didn't want to lose workers there. We recently hit the six month mark of him being laid off of the Log Logic account. We were a bit saddened when we first realized this. I then thought how amazing it was that after six months of very minimal income, we still are in our house and we still have food on the table and medical benefits, and the sadness quickly turned to gratitude. Greg continues to apply anywhere and everywhere. Currently, there are a couple promising job leads. In fact, he just returned from a third interview. Hopefully, the right job for our family will come along soon.


Rie Pie said...

I have had my fingers crossed for that interview today!!!

Jenn said...

I really hope that things go well for Greg's interviews and that he is able to find something else. And props for being a mom, and having a job. I don't know how you or others do it. I can barely handle life here! But I guess you just learn how to deal with things when they come your way right? I miss you guys!

*Marie* said...

It's amazing how the harder the struggle is the more we appreciate the blessings. I'm sorry for all that you guys are going through. You are hard working people, and I hope that begins to show through soon. Good luck to Greg in his job leads. And you are amazing to be doing so much in your home. Your children will be grateful for the time they have with you, and the time they have with their dad.

Lisa said...

I am still so proud of you for always trying to see the light and being grateful. I am so sorry that times are hard for you and that is affect all aspects of your life. I just want you to know that I think you are such smart and insightful lady and I am so glad you still have a grateful heart.
Love you Lera