Monday, March 22, 2010

Almost Two

Don't let this sweet face deceive you. This bath is a result of a very naughty action, as in just minutes before he was caught playing in the toilet with a roll of toilet paper and toilet paper wads all over the bathroom. Palmer has been getting into all kinds of trouble lately! In fact, in the past week this little boy has done the following:

  • While washing the van with me, not only laid in the muddy puddle made from cleaning the tires and hubcaps, but then proceeded to lap up the dirty water like a dog
  • Pooped in the tub
  • Run off into the street about five times
  • Run away from us at a store about twenty times
  • Broken a glass
  • Dumped a box of laundry detergent all over the washing machine, dryer, floor and three loads of clean laundry
  • Opened the heating vent cover and deposited into the ducts: two sippy cups, a toy train and numerous scrapbooking supplies (he does this one about every other day)
  • Drew on the couch
  • Drew on my iPod
  • Drew on a library book
  • Squirted hand sanitizer on top of our ottoman and then made sure to rub it in thoroughly
  • Hairsprayed the keyboard
    • I have a feeling these toddler years might possibly be the death of me, and we've only just begun them!


      Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

      I can so feel your pain! I want to say it get's better...but I don't know yet, still hoping here. :)

      Adrienne said...

      Holy cow. I know those weeks, and all I can say is *hug*. No advice here!!!! But hang in there, and next time I'm down for a day will call, or you call if you want to escape this way, now that fam is gone I have no life again!

      Lisa said...

      You poor thing, I say that in all love. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome. I love that you can post this and look back some day. Hang in there and cherish this time because it will go by so quickly, although it does not seem that way now. Trust me. Big hug. Love ya

      Rie Pie said...

      He is such a stinker. When I was watching the Mickey Mouse Club House in the computer room, Palmer would keep pointing to the vent saying "ewww". I had no idea it was a warning.
      Love the pic!!

      mj said...

      we should lock C and P in a room until they are 5! they do the same naughty stuff!

      Stoney said...

      HAHAHA!!!! My oldest was and STILL is like that:) Hopefully their is hope and not as many messes with the second child, that was my luck. I do love the picture- now what did he do wrong?