Thursday, January 20, 2011

He's the Baby

Brody is the baby of our family, and he likes it that way. At fifteen months old, he is more a baby still than a toddler. There are a few reasons he fills the baby roll so well.

The first reason is the simple fact that he has been able to stay a baby. Palmer had to grow up quickly with Brody making his appearance only 17 months behind him. Brody, on the other hand, has no little sibling due a couple months from now, in fact, at this moment, no sibling coming along at all.

Another reason, I must admit, is that we do baby him. Since Brody's accident, Greg and I both acknowledge that we coddle him more than before. When you realize just how fragile their little lives are, you can not help but to dote on them and treasure every moment possible.

And finally, Brody is the baby, because it is who he is. He loves to snuggle and cuddle, always has. Palmer has always been very independent. Brody likes to be dependant. He likes to know that he is watched over, safe and loved.

At fifteen month, Brody is still not walking. I was warned early on by my doctor that our children would most likely take a while to hit their sitting and walking milestones because they are so tall, and have so much to balance. That has indeed been the case. I've also been told that often the second child develops later simply because your attention as a parent is split, and he is not as challenged as the first child. That probably also plays into the picture here. Regardless of the why, Brody still crawls around like the baby that he is. He crawls, and recently he started doing this.

A funny little knee walk, a move I have yet to see performed by any other kid in my personal and professional child care. He is doing it more and more. It looks quite goofy and gets a good laugh from any onlookers. What a silly baby!

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Rie Pie said...

I love your kids. They are so lovely. I can't help but baby both of your boys. What is an "autnie Why" for anyways. :)