Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Months Old

Brody is two months old today. Time really does fly by. I really love this stage. He is still a cuddly little baby but he is also old enough to start interacting. He is such a sweetheart! He loves to be held and snuggled and we love to snuggle with him. Here is what is going on with Brody at two months of age.

Stats: 11.5 lbs (42nd percentile) and 24.5 in (94th percentile)

He has learned: to follow things with his eyes, to coo, to smile at people, and is almost sleeping through the night (at seven hours now)

He likes: cuddling and being held, being swaddled, his bouncer and especially the vibrator function on his bouncer, being rocked, baths, getting his diaper changed and nursing

He dislikes: taking the bottle, being alone, and the swing

Things he does/about him that makes us laugh: little scowls, going cross eyed when he really focuses on things, his chubby cheeks and round belly, big toots, little sighs and cute smiles

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Rie Pie said...

This has to be the cutest pic of him ever. I love his little smile. I love snuggling with him too.