Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weathering the Weather

Palmer had his first experience playing in the snow this winter. He absolutely loved every second of it! He loves putting on his winter gear; he gets his coat and tells us, "Coat!" whenever he want to leave the house. He exclaims, "Whoa!" when looking outside and seeing it has snowed and cracks up heartily anytime we find ourselves outside while snow is falling. He loves a brisk cold wind; it brings an instant smile to his face. This kid was made for wintertime!

Brody is doing quite well with the chilly weather also. He is getting to be such a smiley boy, just like his brother. He also likes the feel of a cool crisp breeze. We bundle him up thoroughly before going out. He usually falls asleep in the carseat since he is so warm and cozy. The carseat cover that is pictured here has been such a life saver! It is easy to slip on and protects our sweet little baby from the harshness of the winter elements. I am so grateful for London and her hand-me-downs, which is how we received this cover and Palmer's snowsuit. It has made this winter much less frigid.

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*Marie* said...

They are both very cute in their winter gear.