Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Movies & Bad Movies Turned Good

Greg and I love Redbox lately. We've been renting a movie a couple times a week, basically since it is a night's worth of entertainment for a dollar. There had seemed to be a dry spell over the summer of good movies that were not rated R, but that has surely not been the case this winter. We recommend the following: Angels and Demons, Star Trek, Julie and Julia, Up, and Four Christmases. The first three were especially great!

Greg and I decided to purchase a combined Christmas present with some of the money we received for Christmas (the rest will be taking a good chunk off our our medical bills; thank you again Secret Santas!). We bought a ClearPlay ($60 at Seagull Book, much better deal than ordering direct). Our friends own one, and we've been wanting one for about a year, ever since we watched a movie on theirs. We are totally loving it! You can pretty much custom filter your movie by specifying to what degree you will allow sex, nudity, profanity, violence, etc. We have already rented a couple movies we otherwise would not have viewed and very much enjoyed the cleaned up versions. Anyone up for a movie night at the Hess home?


Rie Pie said...

Mmmm. Ewan Mcgregor, he one hot priest in Angels and Demons!! I hope that is not offensive to anyone. (Sorry if it is. But even so - he is still smoking hot.)

I'm pretty sure I'm up for a movie night at the Hess'. The last one was really fun, totes ma goats.

"Don't filter it too much, we don't want to miss the really funny jokes."

Brian_n_Amy said...

Sounds good to me. Count me in! Sounds like loads of fun!

*Marie* said...

What a great idea, that ClearPlay thing is. I will definitely be looking into it. Glad you guys got to get yourselves a Christmas gift- especially one that will make such a positive difference on your home.

Lera said...

Rie - Let's not reveal exactly who said that statement... I'm trying to potray the idea that I'm really pure in this post and would never laugh at anything that is at all in bad taste. ;)