Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy Sundays

I know I have been slacking with the blog. I think I was a bit burnt out after NaBloPoMo and now I am just super busy working and getting ready for the holidays, as I'm sure everyone is.

I just wanted to write a quick little ditty about how crazy our Sundays have been. Greg is on a new shift at work that has him working Sundays. He really misses going to his church meetings and we really miss having him with us. I especially miss the help with the boys. Last Sunday Palmer wouldn't stay in nursery and Brody wouldn't take the bottle, so I had two upset crying boys to drag around with me. Many ward members were offering their help, and I still about had a nervous breakdown!

Thankfully, Greg has now worked out a compromise with his managers where he only works a half day on Sundays and gets off at 11:00 AM. This will be perfect with next years meeting schedule at 1:00, and it definitely is nicer to have him for part of church during the last few weeks of this year.

Yesterday was my first time teaching Relief Society and my first time having to do the programs for Sacrament Meeting (two new callings I've recently received). I was so proud of myself for getting myself, the boys, the master copy of the program, my prepared lesson and homemade cookies for the Relief Society (and during a blizzard I might add), to church fifteen minutes early in order to put out the programs. Seriously, it must be my greatest accomplishment to date. However, the library was closed when we arrived; I quickly found someone to let me in. With no librarian, I had to make the copies myself, which would have been no big deal if I didn't have a toddler with curious fingers right next to me. The little stinker turned the copy machine off three times while I was trying to make copies! So after my great feat of getting to church early and all ready to fulfill my callings, I still failed and got the programs out only minutes before sacrament meeting began. I don't know how other women do church with children alone. Power to them!


*Marie* said...

Holy goodness, you are amazing! Wow!

I'm so glad that Greg was able to work out a compromise. I'm sure that will be a huge blessing to all of you.

Lisa said...

So proud of you Lera. I am glad Greg could work something out. We get to have the 9:00 Mtg time next year. You will find it is still hard to get to church on time even at 1:00. You just get busy and then poof it is time to go.
Hang in and there and I am so proud of you.