Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Palmer went trick or treating for the first time this year. He was an alligator and Brody was dressed as a giraffe. Palmer woke up extremely cranky from his nap so I was thinking the experience was going to be a flop, but once we were out a haunting, he was thrilled. We went to a few neighbor homes. The first two stops he tried to go inside the house after the door was opened. At one house a candy fell out of the bowl and onto the ground, and Palmer gave it back to the man who rewarded his honesty with another candy. We stopped by our neighbor's the Holtey's; they always have amazing decorations! Palmer always said thank you after the door had been closed and we were walking away, but it's the thought that counts right? We then visited Aunt London's house who had decorated with Harry Potter paraphernalia and had Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone playing on the garage door, and then to Grandma Nancy's.

Halloween is quite a different experience since I've had children. I used to be a huge haunted house connoisseur and enjoyed staying up late with friends watching scary movies. For some reason, I can no longer handle such fright. Now, I'll take trick or treating with my kids over all the gore and terror any day!


*Marie* said...

Very cute! Thanks for posting the pics. I love their costumes.

Lisa said...

Cute boys,
I am with ya on the can not stand the scary stuff now.