Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Palmer is sick, and Greg's company is making him work Sundays now (he's still trying to fight this with HR since he was given this unfavorable shift as a result of taking time off when I had the baby), so I am not able to attend church today. I am sad to be at home on a Sunday. My week tends to go better when I start it with church attendance; I need the spiritual uplift.

Although sadly, since I've had children I find it more and more difficult to get that uplift from my church meeting. This is usually the case because I spend Sacrament Meeting desperately trying to satiate a temper tantrum from my toddler or running around the building after him. I spend either Gospel Doctrine or Relief Society nursing the baby. And about half the time we end up leaving early because Palmer is inconsolable since he missed his nap.

With the addition of another child I've realized there are several things I will just have to say goodbye to, at least for the next phase of my life. These include: a clean house, napping, time to myself, extra money, my body, the ability to run a quick errand, a full night's sleep, carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag and general peace and quiet. But it's alright. I do miss and yearn for these things, yet I willingly give them up. My children are worth it, and eventually life finds its way back, right? Well, that is with the exception of my pre-pregnant/pre-nursing body, but that is okay too.


Rie Pie said...

Hello, great post!! Sorry you have to have some difficult changes. Hopefully everything will work out soon.

Lisa said...

Great Honest Post Lera, It is all so true. Your life just is not yours when the children arrive. Today Bailey asked me why I do not wear dresses more, I tend to wear a skirt to church. I told her it is because when I was nursing the 3 of them I had to wear a shirt and skirt instead of a dress. So yes the baby years will go by quickly and one day you will find yourself caring a purse.