Saturday, November 7, 2009

Post-Pregnancy Brain

After giving birth to Palmer I reflected on that fact that in many ways I still felt pregnant. Many of the same not so fun sensations have continued on after this pregnancy as well. This is especially true in regards to pregnancy brain; in fact, I believe it is worse than ever! I'd always heard women refer to the strange state of being where an otherwise intelligent individual, after conceiving, no longer can remember her own telephone number. Now that I've gone through it myself, I not only attest that it truly exists, but will adamantly argue that it is worse than a person can imagine.

This past week I've literally lost my mind, and unfortunately I can no longer blame it on pregnancy brain as I have thus so far been doing the past nine months. I start sentences I do not know how to finish. I rev up a good story by saying something like, "You'll never believe what happened today," and seconds later not know to what I was referring. I sometimes spend a whole minute trying to think of a word, and usually end up settling for a word that doesn't really describe what I am trying to say. This NaBloPoMo challenge has proved to be increasingly difficult for me with my lack of available vocabulary. Last night I went out with my sister and a friend. I was driving like an idiot, getting in the wrong lanes and having trouble merging on time. I stopped to get gas and could not figure out how to get the gas cap off my own van. Once we arrived at our destination I struggled finding a parking spot; even after physically waiting on a vehicle to vacate its spot I continued on and drove right past it. At least I gave everyone a good laugh, right?


Rie Pie said...
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Rie Pie said...

he he. It was a really funny drive. I enjoyed it immensely!!
ps. I can never think of the right words to use...and I have no excuse.

*Marie* said...

lol You've given me even more to look forward to!