Monday, November 30, 2009


"Pitty!" is what Palmer says every time he looks at our Christmas tree. I smile and inwardly agree. Yes it is pretty. What a deep love I have for our tree. I find it beautiful for many reasons. It is very much my style. I love all that glitters and glistens. I love the soft, cool, crisp colors of winter. It is decorated with the ornaments from Greg and my January wedding and so it also has considerable sentimental meaning. And of course, I love it because it celebrates this wonderful season that is now upon us.

This evening we took a drive down Winder Dairy Street. Once again I heard a soft, happy, "Pitty," from the back seat as the glow of Christmas lights illuminated our windows. Yes, I thought, it sure is. We stopped at the Winder Dairy store and enjoyed some chocolate milk and scones. Oh, what a pretty sight is a warm, freshly bronzed scone dripping with honey butter. Later this evening a friend arrived to share some crafting time with me, surely another pretty.

As I look back upon my postings this month (one for each day, goal achieved, go me!) I cannot help but see that my life is very pretty. I have a wonderful, loving family: a sweet and thoughtful husband (who coincidentally I find very pretty to look at) and fun, rambunctious, preciously sweet children. I have sisters, extended family and friends who are beautiful inside and out and I am overcome by their, as well as others', thoughtfulness and service. I see a warm home, scrumptious food, the magical escape of literature, the charm of handcrafted projects, well and abled bodies, and life-lessons forever learned. I find evidence of a loving and forgiving Heavenly Father, the gift of a Savior and his atoning sacrifice and the promise of eternity with them, my dearly departed mother, and all others whom I love and adore. Such beauty, such joy, such exquisiteness, so many pretty things encompass my life!


Adrienne said...

Wow, what a beautiful post. You amaze me!

We're here and bored, so if you are interested in a playdate lmk - (831) 224-3266. We will be gone tomorrow but otherwise are here!!!

Rie Pie said...

I love this post. You have such a way with words. I'm so proud that got your goal!!

--throws confetti--

fall-girl said...

Thank you for putting that into words for me too. I was looking around Sacrament meeting today thinking that very thing. Even though we all have our trials and challenges, life here is "prity"! I love having you as a pretty friend in mine.