Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Paper Crafting

I meet monthly with a group of ladies to swap paper crafted items. The group was put together by a friend I met at Scrapbook Heaven (a previous place of my employment, the most fun job I have ever had). She invited myself and my sister to join. Every month we get together for a treat, a make and take, and a swap. This week we made gourmet caramel apples together. It was a blast!

These women were actually the first to receive the family home evening pails that I have pictured below. All those involved do such amazing work! It's so nice to be in a group where everyone puts time and care into their projects. This last month I made a bag, tag and card trio, embellished with gold metallics, buttons and hand stitching. And the month before that I swapped hand stamped recipe cards.

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Rie Pie said...

I'm both jealous and relieved that I'm not in this group. :) I don't think I could keep up every month, however, I would like to recieve the goodies every month.