Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Joys

I so enjoy the holiday season! With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the past, I now find myself eagerly awaiting many of the wonders that comes with this time of year. I'm excited for it all, but especially for these holiday delights.

  • Putting up the Christmas tree. I love our tree! It is beautifully winter-esque and very dear to me because it is ornamented with all the decorations from our wedding reception.
  • Holiday baking. I'm sure this is no surprise that I love to bake during the holidays. Actually, I love to bake all year long, but Christmas time gives me the excuse to do so even more regularly.
  • Wrapping gifts. I love a wrapped present. I believe unwrapping a gift is half the fun of receiving one, so each year I put hours making the presents we give to others lovely to look at.
  • The Festival of Trees. It is a tradition for me to attend this wonderful event. I enjoy looking at all the sights, and tasting the yummy treats, but most importantly I love the message and good doing the festival represents.
  • Temple Square. This is another tradition dear to my heart. The beautiful, rejoiceful and peaceful spirit of temple square is only magnified this time of year.
  • Christmas cards. Each year I send out handcrafted cards to friends and family. I feel they carry a little piece of me onto our loved ones. I also enjoy receiving cards and letters from others. E-mails are great but receiving a mailed letter is a little gift in and of itself.
  • Christmas music. I've already been listening to the seasonal tunes this entire month, but I look forward to more of it. Christmas music is the perfect medium to get one into the holiday spirit.


Lisa said...

You just make me smile Lera. I love the holidays so much as well. I love this post and I love the delight it all brings to us. I hope I get to see you this Christmas season.
Merry Christmas to you my dear friend.

*Marie* said...

I agree. So many wonderful things about this time of year.