Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Home Evening Pail

Tonight our Relief Soceity is holding what we call Festive Friday, or in other words a crazy fun activity that involves a progressive dinner and then crafting until midnight. I designed this pail for the event and have been busily putting together about 40 kits this week for the occassion. Each pail holds a year's worth of Family Home Evening ideas. Cute and of spiritual value, how can you go wrong?


mj said...

you are amazing! with everything that is on your plate I cannot believe you had time (not to mention energy) to put together 40 adorable kits! I hope the activity was wonderful and that everyone had fun.

*Marie* said...

What a great idea! I really think I need to just move into your ward, I'm so impressed with all the wonderful ideas you guys have.

Jenn said...

Super cute! I love it! I wish I was in your ward. Good job!