Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brody's Blessing Day

Our little baby boy Brody was blessed this passed Sunday by his dad. It was a lovely experience. He was given the name he would be known as on the records of the church, Brody Edwin (after my father) Hess. He was blessed with discernment among the many trials that he will face and a desire to seeks out the truth. He was blessed to be a great missionary. He was blessed to have many talents in his life. And he was blessed with great love from Heavenly Father, his parents and his siblings.

We had a lot of support from our family and friends. The blessing circle consisted of Greg, the Bishopric, my father, our brother-in-law Aaron and Greg's cousin Keith. All of Brody's Aunts were in attendance, his Grandma Nancy and his Pappy Ed and Grandma Betty. Our friends Susan, Kendall and Shannon also joined us. We met at our home afterwards for lunch: soups, breads, and desserts. Yum! We all had a great time visiting and Brody was in heaven being held all day long by our loved ones.

I am so thankful for our sweet little boy Brody. He came into our lives as a bit of a surprise, but I am positive that our Heavenly Father knew he was supposed to be in our family at this time. I already can't imagine our family without him! I am humbled that our Heavenly Father has entrusted me with the care and raising of his sweet children. I pray everyday that I will be a good mother to them and raise them in truth and righteousness. I am also so very grateful for my husband Greg and the wonderful companion, father and worthy priesthood holder that he is. My family is truly blessed!


Rie Pie said...

Beautiful boy by John Lennon just played in my head.

Lisa said...

You are a beautiful family. So happy for you all. That Palmer can melt my heart with his smile. So glad you had a great blessing day for you new little boy.

Jenn said...

You guys look great! We were sad to miss his special day. He looked adorable though!