Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Week Check & Whities

Brody had his two week checkup. He is doing great, gaining weight like crazy, a little more than an ounce a day. This didn't come as much of a shock to me since the kid eats nonstop. He still has a little jaundice; it looks worse than it is because he is so fair. But overall he is one healthy boy, and for that we are very grateful.

Here's a funny side note: I have to give him Vitamin D to supplement my breast milk. This is a precaution that is prescribed to Muslim women who cover their entire bodies with black clothing, and very fair Caucasian women. I laughed aloud when the doctor told me. Once again my extremely fair complexion bites me in the butt! I am officially deemed as pale as a woman who never sees sunlight. Sadly, both my boys have inherited my fair skin, and will also spend the rest of their lives being teased and caking on the sunscreen.


Rie Pie said...

Edward Cullen and the Nichols - Bringing pale back!!

Brian_n_Amy said...

Don't worry. I feel your pain. Hahaha! That's funny Rie!

Stoney said...

But Brody's fair complexion is what makes him a gorgeous baby boy. I LOVE his hair. It is however a very interesting fact:)