Friday, September 18, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Well I am certainly in the last stretch of this pregnancy. And I must admit, I am ready to be done. My sister-in-law told me to enjoy the last couple weeks, because it'll just get harder with the addition of a newborn. I know that will be true, but honestly I just don't care anymore. I am ready to move on. I truly believe that God makes the ninth month of pregnancy as uncomfortable as it is in order to coax women into actually wanting to go through the labor, recovery, sleepless nights, etc. Overall the pregnancy has gone quite well. I would say, even a bit easier than my first. Let's compare.

  • I only threw up regularly (and during those months, even less than last time) for the first five months, instead of six since my doctor gave my anti-nausea medicine early on.
  • As a result of throwing up less, I have gained a bit more with this pregnancy. With Palmer I gained 11 pounds; this time I am already at 15.
  • I am carrying much, much lower. Palmer was really high, to the point that I felt like I couldn't breath. I definitely prefer to carry low, but it does also have it's accompanying discomforts (i.e. whenever the baby kicks, I think I will pee my pants, and I can't wear my regular pants as long because they have to fit around my big belly instead of simply wearing them under the baby bump.)
  • The main thing I would say was better the first time was that without another child to care for I was able to nap whenever I wanted. I have been much more tired this time, and have gotten sick a couple times as a result. I have had an awful cold/cough for the last couple months that I can not get rid of.
  • And I did enjoy being pregnant in the winter. I didn't even have to wear a coat most of the time. The summer had been pretty darn hot!

I am excited to see our little guy soon. We have a scheduled c-section for October 6th. I've heard the recovery is a lot better when you are scheduled and don't have to labor beforehand. Plus, this time I won't have to have gallbladder surgery just seven weeks after to recover from as well. Many of my friends have confirmed that it's easier caring for your second baby, since you already somewhat know what you are doing. I am hoping all this turns out to be true. If so, things are looking pretty good.


Lisa said...

Well my sweet friend, I love the positive attitude.
I am excited for you to meet this new little guy. I think it is true about the 2nd child being somewhat easier as you are more prepared. You know not to freak out every time they cry, that they will survive it if takes more them 5 seconds to get to them.
I hope you will recover well and I hope this times passes fast for you.
love love love you

*Marie* said...

You are definitely an inspiration.