Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today is Greg's, as well as his entire department's, last day working for LogLogic. We've known this was coming for about six weeks. Not one coworker has found an IT job to move onto during that time, which I find very scary. I can't help but conclude that there is not a whole lot of job opportunities out there. Half of the department is staying on with the company and taking a starting position on a different account (Netgear, where Greg began a couple years ago). The pay cut is substantial, as in $7.00 less an hour. The other half will be getting unemployment. Greg has chosen to stay on. I'm not sure how we will make it financially on so little money, but thankfully, at least we will have insurance for when the baby comes. He also says he will be happier working while looking for a job than staying home and doing so, even though unemployment will pay the same as his new position. I totally agree with his decision and can't help but think what good character he has.

I will be continuing to work at the daycare part time until I deliver and then will have to take six weeks off, unpaid of course. We will be practicing some serious faith in the next few months. Please if any of you hear of an IT job opening send on the information onto us. We appreciate any help.


Rie Pie said...

I love Wedgie. He is such a good man. I'm so sorry that you guys have to go through this. Ugh. It's heart breaking.

I'm glad that you have insurance and that he has a place to work until better options come along. I love you guys!!

*Marie* said...

Just FYI, we won't be getting unemployment. The company offered the other two an $8 an hour job, and since they refused it, the company is going to refuse the unemployment claim. I hate that company even more.

I'm glad Greg got to stay. I will still keep you guys updated about any open positions, companies, job fairs, or any of that I hear about.

Lera said...

So, so sorry Marie. Greg called me and told me after I had written the post that they took away the unemployment offer. That is so very upsetting. But, I didn't know it was only $8... ouch! That is just awful!

Good luck to you guys! Let us know how things are going. I pray that something comes along that works well for everyone.

*Marie* said...

It's a hard situation to have this happen. But I am praying it is a blessing in disguise, and will put us all in a better place in the long run.

How does Greg feel about going back to Netgear? Is it going to work with the schedules you both have already?

Stoney said...

Stoney saw your post about this on facebook and we wanted me to tell you that where he works (web hosting company) is hiring. It is in Provo, but the pay is pretty decent. He would be more then happy to put in a resume and a good word for Greg. If you want more info please let us know.